Episode 102

October 19, 2020


Goodbye Norma Jean - April 4, 1960

Goodbye Norma Jean - April 4, 1960
Fate's Wide Wheel: A Quantum Leap Podcast
Goodbye Norma Jean - April 4, 1960

Oct 19 2020 | 01:24:51


Show Notes

This episode seems like it brings everything full circle for our little podcast hosted by Sam & Dennis. Our hero, Sam Beckett, leaps into Dennis Boardman, the chauffeur to Marilyn Monroe. Yes, *that* Marilyn Monroe. Season Five of our favorite show continues its trend of leaping Sam into the lives of celebrities and historical figures. Sam has arrived just days before the icon’s suicide, and Ziggy says the odds are high he’s there to prevent it. Meanwhile, a new assistant, Barbara, has come into Marilyn’s life, and it quickly becomes evident we’re in an “All About Eve” situation. We break down the episode as always, and discuss what we think works and what doesn’t. We also delve a little bit into the real life Marilyn (i.e. Norma Jean(e)). Settle in and listen to the first of our last final TV leaps!

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