Episode 64

December 11, 2018


Justice – May 11, 1965

Justice – May 11, 1965
Fate's Wide Wheel: A Quantum Leap Podcast
Justice – May 11, 1965

Dec 11 2018 | 01:59:45


Show Notes

Sam leaps into Clyde (in a rare case, no last name is given), as he is being inducted into the KKK in 1965 Alabama. As Clyde, Sam must save the life of a civil rights activist. This episode of QL has several utterance of the “N word”. We spend a good portion of the first hour discussing the word’s use in art, and if it’s appropriate (now or anytime in the past) for white people to use it in any context. As two white people ourselves, we’re sure there’s a lot we got wrong or missed. Please feel free to share your feedback on our Twitter and Facebook pages. 

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