Episode 88

March 17, 2020


Killin' Time - June 18, 1958

Killin' Time - June 18, 1958
Fate's Wide Wheel: A Quantum Leap Podcast
Killin' Time - June 18, 1958

Mar 17 2020 | 01:39:25


Show Notes

Are you killin’ time at home because of the coronavirus lockdown? Well, you’re in luck because we have a new episode for your listening pleasure, talking about Season 5’s “Killin’ Time”. (See what we did there?) Sam leaps into Leon Stiles, a serial killer who has taken a mother and daughter hostage in their home, in 1958 Oklahoma. In just a couple of hours, Sam will be killed by a vengeful sheriff when police raid the home. Meanwhile, the real Leon has escaped from the waiting room in the future, and Al must track him down. Because as long as Leon is on the loose, Sam is unable to leap. We talk about what was one of our seriously favorite episodes when we were kids. It was one of the series’ first real forays into a different kind of show than what viewers had seen previously. Did it work? Does the episode still hold up? Give us a listen, and let us know your thoughts.

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