Episode 100

September 23, 2020


Return of the Evil Leaper - October 8, 1956

Return of the Evil Leaper - October 8, 1956
Fate's Wide Wheel: A Quantum Leap Podcast
Return of the Evil Leaper - October 8, 1956

Sep 23 2020 | 01:40:27


Show Notes

Our 100th episode! “She’s not gone, Al. Alia. Is. Not. Gone, “ Sam ominously warned us at the conclusion of “Deliver Us From Evil”, a few episodes back. In “Return of the Evil Leaper”, the evil leaper…well…returns! Sam has leaped into college student, Arnold Watson, “The Midnight Maruader”, a wanna-be on-campus caped crusader in 1956. As Arnold, Sam immediately butts head with Mike Hammond, macho frat bro (played with perfection by Neil Patrick Harris, as he was wrapping up his stint as a certain genius child doctor). But things get really complicated when Alia returns, leaping into Mike’s girlfriend. Meanwhile in the future, Al counsels the real Arnold, urging him to stop his dangerous acts as a would-be avenger. Co-host Sam loves the episode, but Dennis has some reservations. Buckle in for a wild ride as we talk about what works, and what doesn’t!

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