Episode 75

July 02, 2019


Temptation Eyes - February 1, 1985

Temptation Eyes - February 1, 1985
Fate's Wide Wheel: A Quantum Leap Podcast
Temptation Eyes - February 1, 1985

Jul 02 2019 | 01:30:38


Show Notes

Sam & Dennis gotta take a little time with season four's "Temptation Eyes". They're reading between the lines... There's been heartache and pain... But they can't stop now, they've traveled so far in this lonely life... And Dennis wants to know... He wants you to show him... :-) In some seriousness, we discuss what sets this episode apart from the standard episodes that have littered the first half of the season. Come along for a different kind of leap and maybe we'll all find out what love really is...

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