Episode 104

November 09, 2020


The Leap Between the States - September 20, 1862

The Leap Between the States - September 20, 1862
Fate's Wide Wheel: A Quantum Leap Podcast
The Leap Between the States - September 20, 1862

Nov 09 2020 | 02:03:35


Show Notes

Only three episodes to go, Leapers! We’re back with with our re-watch of “The Leap Between the States". Sam secedes from the regular rules (thank you, TV Guide, for that brilliantly horrible pun), and leaps back almost a hundred years further than his own lifetime, into the life of his great-grandfather, Captain John Beckett, of the Union army. After the initial shock of finding himself in an era he was never meant to travel to, Sam finds himself in a somewhat “Back to the Future”-esque plot where he must make sure his great-grandfather and great-grandmother get together as intended. He also gets involved with the Underground Railroad and former slave, Isaac - who will go on to have a very, very important descendant. Plus, this episode wouldn't be complete without a dastardly Confederate villain, right? As always, we deconstruct the episode and examine how well it holds up to present day viewing. Also going well off-topic (Us? Never!), and discuss the 2020 presidential election. (We recorded this just one day after the race was called for President-Elect Biden.)

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