Episode 84

February 05, 2020


A Leap For Lisa - June 25, 1957

A Leap For Lisa - June 25, 1957
Fate's Wide Wheel: A Quantum Leap Podcast
A Leap For Lisa - June 25, 1957

Feb 05 2020 | 02:11:50


Show Notes

A handful of Quantum Leap episodes certainly need no introduction for hard-core fans, and this is one of them. Sam leaps into Al, a.k.a. Bingo, as a young Navy pilot. Ensign Calavicci has been accused of the rape and murder of Marci Riker, the wife of a Commander. When Sam inadvertently changes history, he drastically increases the odds that Al will be executed. We pick apart one of our faves, talk about some of the episodes's seriously problematic tropes, and how we might have re-written it as a two-parter. Previous guest Larry Ganni returns to give his thoughts.

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