Episode 83

January 21, 2020


Stand-Up - April 30, 1959

Stand-Up - April 30, 1959
Fate's Wide Wheel: A Quantum Leap Podcast
Stand-Up - April 30, 1959

Jan 21 2020 | 01:29:15


Show Notes

You are about to witness the strength of Bob Saget. Leapers! We’re back this week to talk about Season 4, episode 21, Stand Up - April 30th, 1959. Sam leaps into Davey Parker - one half of the comedy duo Parker and MacKay (Saget). Despite a rough start with Sam leaping in mid-routine, the duo get a shot doing their act in Vegas, thanks in no small part to their third, Frankie Washarskie (Amy Yasback). Sam has to get Mack and Frankie to admit their in love with each other, but also prevent MacKay from being offed by a mob boss who has his own eyes on Frankie. We talk about how this episode is a return to form after a few off-kilter stories, and how - Thank Ziggy - we finally have a well-written Al for the first time in a while. As always, we frequently reference Al’s Place, the Quantum Leap Wiki, The MacGyver Project, and Beyond the Mirror Image: The Observer’s Guide to Quantum Leap.

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