Episode 121

March 08, 2022


Raymond Lee, Nostalgia, & Our Big Secret

Raymond Lee, Nostalgia, & Our Big Secret
Fate's Wide Wheel: A Quantum Leap Podcast
Raymond Lee, Nostalgia, & Our Big Secret

Mar 08 2022 | 01:02:47


Show Notes

We're firing up the accelerator for another leap - a leap that does not take us to our promised revisited review of Star-Crossed. Why, you ask... Well, we've got some casting news! Raymond Lee was announced as our new lead, Dr. Ben Seong. We talk about Lee's career and some of the other roles he's had recently, including "Kevin Can F*** Himself" and "Here and Now". What are our initial impressions of Lee? Does he have what it takes to be our leaper? (SPOILERS: YES!) We also talk a bit about nostalgia and its effect on viewers of the classic series. But that's not all... We have a secret... We haven't been entirely honest with you... What could it be? Listen on, fellow leapers. Join us for the ride because we are only just getting started!

Raymond Lee Interview

Raymond Lee Monologue

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