Episode 77

August 29, 2019


Song For The Soul - April 7, 1963

Song For The Soul - April 7, 1963
Fate's Wide Wheel: A Quantum Leap Podcast
Song For The Soul - April 7, 1963

Aug 29 2019 | 01:19:24


Show Notes

Stop (in the name of Love!) and give a listen to our latest episode. This week, we’re talking about Season 4’s “Song for the Soul - April 7th, 1963”. Sam finds himself in a musical singing trio ala The Supremes, and must keep the group’s lead singer, Lynette, from ruining her life by falling into the grasp of a predatorial music promotor (see also: small-time pimp), and becoming forever estranged from her dad. We also talk about how it works when Sam leaps into someone much shorter than himself, the strengths and weaknesses of the script that was written in just three days, and how “Quantum Leap” might have ultimately been even better if Deborah Pratt was the executive producer instead of Don Bellisario.

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