Episode 108

March 01, 2021


WandaVision, Queen's Gambit, & Superman & Lois

WandaVision, Queen's Gambit, & Superman & Lois
Fate's Wide Wheel: A Quantum Leap Podcast
WandaVision, Queen's Gambit, & Superman & Lois

Mar 01 2021 | 01:33:52


Show Notes

Well... What's next? A week from now, who knows? But on this episode, we're talking WandaVision. We cover our favorite bits, how it all connects, references to the comics, and more! Plus, what aren't we so sure about and what we think might be coming next. That's not all, though, we've got a brief overview of The Queen's Gambit and why Sam thinks it ranks right up there with the best of prestige television and some quick commentary on the debut episode of the CW's Superman & Lois. Join us in our first official Post-Quantum Leap episode as we begin to navigate the future of Fate's Wide Wheel! Note: Sam's an idiot and misidentified Kevin Feige as "Paul" upon the first few mentions... He gets it right eventually...

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