Episode 124

March 29, 2022


Star-Crossed: Revisited

Star-Crossed: Revisited
Fate's Wide Wheel: A Quantum Leap Podcast
Star-Crossed: Revisited

Mar 29 2022 | 01:10:36


Show Notes

Leapers! We're back with our second capsule view. This week, we're talking about the series' 2nd episode, "Star-Crossed". 

We also discuss the latest news for the reboot pilot, and the exciting opportunities lie ahead for the new Quantum Leap fandom.

Oh, and hey, listen carefully (or even not so carefully), and you can tell the exact moment Dennis learned that a certain somebody slapped a certain somebody on a certain televised event. (Also, apologies, Dennis was playing with a new mic configuration, and he comes in a little hot this week.)


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